Events Planning

Our Events Planning includes for all types of Organizations or Groups - Corporate, Universities, Reunions, Church, Educational, Social
or any other type.

The information posted below is an example of my considerations when planning for a younger aged event (plus other helpful information).

EVENT FORMATS - For local & state tournaments, one day events work best and are affordable. For shorter 18 hole courses (3,500’ - 4,500’) kids of all age groups can easily complete two rounds in one day. Several holes may need dedicated long tees to keep the older kids interested. Also, there may be time for a fun group event like ring-of-fire, etc. If your course is 4,500’ or longer, a one round format may work better. Some short tees may be added for the very young kids. A one round format should also include other skill competitions such as longest drive, putting, and accuracy. Your event can be a simple, non-sanctioned, local, grass roots effort or a full blown state championship. Make up your own format. Please let us know about your event especially if you come up with a new successful format. PDGA sanctioning is up to the T.D. What ever you do, make sure that it is a fun event that people would want to come back to.

SPONSORSHIP & PRIZES Sponsors seem to be more eager to get on board when you mention “children”. If you are an experienced tournament promoter, you will find that selling sponsorships for a kid’s events is much easier than for adult events. Give good trophies to the winners and then try to spread the other prizes around so that all ages have a chance to win something. Closet-to-the-hole prizes are popular. Raffles give everyone a chance and raise additional funds. Prizes for winning the card work well. The world of disc golf is moving away from the “disc payout” prize system for amateurs. We do not recommend a disc payout to children.

ENTRY FEES Keep the entry fees as low as possible. Raffle ticket sales can help with tournament expenses especially when the prizes are donated. Some sponsors are even willing to provide funds to underwrite the event.

RULES & PARENT ISSUES Rules are what make a sport fun and fair for all, but in some of the smaller tournaments, lenient application of the rules that create a teachable moment will better serve a younger, novice competitor. Please consider how you want to enforce the rules at your event and make everyone aware of your event rules at the players meeting. The PDGA Rules Committee has not provided us with guidelines for player/parent issues. If you declare that all parents can be considered as caddies, the caddie rules can apply to parents. Make sure to have a plan in place to cover the potential “over zealous parent”.

EXISTING EVENTS Here are some examples of junior ONLY events that we know of.

7th Annual SC Junior State Championships- April 6, 2013- Sarah Cunningham, T.D.- One round plus field events- $10.00 Entry fee - PDGA Sanctioned.

Western Carolina Juniors - August 3, 2013- Tim Petrea, T.D.- Two round format- $20.00 Entry fee- PDGA Sanctioned.

North Georgia Juniors- August 17, 2013- Adam Wright, T.D.- One round plus field events- $10.00 Entry fee - PDGA Sanctioned.

Charlotte Children’s Championships- October 12, 2013- Steve Lambert, T.D.- Two round format- $23.00 Entry fee - Non-sanctioned.

Dave's Tips #2

Try changing up your grip if you are not satisfied with your driving distance. Squeeze the inside of the rim with all four fingers, especially the ring finger which is connected to the strongest part of the hand. Let it rip out of your hand rather than a soft release. 


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