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The Birdman Discs / Recognize a Miracle Disc Golf Curriculum is designed to follow the natural path of learning, from putting fundamentals to world class performance. You will find the format and games easy to understand.


Disc Golf 101 is a putting game designed to introduce the new player to putting fundamentals. I have created an 'Around the World' game which entails the beginning golfer making 28 putts from 15 to 25 feet in the least amount of tries. The distances are varied and scorecards, when completed, provide an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Beginning players start with 7 putting locations around a single 'Discatcher' putting from each spot until the putt is made, marking the number of attempts for each spot. The player advances though 7 holes forward then 7 holes back repeating this for 2 revolutions making each putt 4 times per game.

Pros have 11 putting locations, a total of 44 requisite putts to be completed making it quite challenging to compete against a beginner. (See game layout page included in this package.) All players will establish a local handicap and / or PDGA handicap as your league develops.

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Disc Golf 102 entails the competion of 21 approach shots, 7 throws from each of three locations of varying distances ex. 85ft, 100ft and 125ft. To start, toss 7 throws from each tee area. The object is to complete the hole in two tries with each disc. You count how many times out of 7 attempts you complete in two shots. You are not required to throw the third shot if you miss the second.


Disc Golf 103 is taught on a real disc golf course and involves driving and mid range strategies, styles of throw and game management.


Disc Golf 104 is Competition play.


Dave's Tips #5

When you go to compete in tournaments, sometimes you are there to win but mostly you are there to build relationships. When you are not playing well, focus on winning those relationships and you cannot lose, for in reality there is no loss. 


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