Hi, I'm Dave Smith, owner of Birdman Discs and Disc Golf promoter of the community outreach arm Recognize a Miracle. I offer multiple services towards the advancement of Disc Golf on all levels from personal coaching to event coordination to statewide implementation of school curriculums around Disc Golf. If you are considering any sort of promotion with disc golf, contact me and I'll assist you anyway I can to realize a successful and enjoyable experience with disc golf.

Events Planning and Coordination - Whether it be for a small group or larger event, I am well experienced in the set up and coordination for any type of disc golf event. I can advise on course logistics, planning, costs, promotion, extra activities and other concerns around planning an event surrounding disc golf. If you are exploring the possibility of a disc golf event, I'll help you think through the steps of helping the event become from idea to activity.

Course Design - I've designed a number of courses, and can assist through all the steps from fundraising to planning to construction to completion and maintenance. I am a recognized and qualified player and know the differences between a good course and the subtleties of an excellent one. 

Curriculum for Schools or Organizations - I am actively promoting disc golf as an alternative, low cost, eco friendly sport throughout our lower and higher educational facilities around the state of New Mexico. I've designed several versions of a working curriculum for any institution to adopt. From both health and community values I support this direction for the sport every way I can.

Personal Training - As a seasoned player, I am available for private or team coaching, or any other type of training as needed by aspiring disc golfers. Let's discuss disc types, strategies, practice, weather and attitudes - whatever it takes to bring out your best game.

Contact me to find out how I can assist in your interest in Disc Golf. I am fully committed to this sport, and will do whatever I can to help you towards a successful experience if you are considering any involvement in this wonderful activity.

Dave Smith

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