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Success Stories - Recognize a Miracle

Trenton Georgia - Recognize A Miracle Disc Golf Outreach unofficially started its work in 2004 at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Trenton Georgia. It was here that Dave Smith found and learned to play disc golf. After many  months of participating in the Sunday doubles events he was getting to know the rangers at the park office. He learned that the disc golf course was rarely played and was not making a sustainable income for the park even though there were eight or ten fellows playing the course every Sunday. 

Dave volunteered to host a free cookout and disc golf clinic. The park placed an ad in the local Trenton, Georgia newspaper inviting all interested persons to come for free food, beverages and disc golf lessons all of which Dave provided. The park even waived their parking fees for the day. Dave hit his first ace on that day on hole 15 after a tremendous rain storm.  It was a good omen.

Chattanooga, Tennessee - Dave operated a small construction business at that time. The guys with whom he played on Sundays were avid disc golfers who shared a common vision of building a disc golf course in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The concerns were the cost of building a course and convincing the city to get on board with the plan.  Dave offered the services of his business, Able Home Projects to provide tools,  labor and materials toward the construction of Chattanooga's first disc golf course. He became the 'Go To Guy' for the Chattanooga Flying Disc Club. Randy Hollingsworth soon thereafter won the approval of the city and was allocated the property upon which now lies 'The Sinks' disc golf course. 

In November of 2005, Randy and Dave fired up the chainsaws and began carving fairways into the 18 acre stand of dead pine trees and dense privet just off the bank of the Tennessee River in Hixson. Turning those dead pines into benches was the most satisfying work Dave had done since starting his business and he decided that disc golf would remain a major part of his life's work.

Four years, 12 tournaments and seven courses later, the  Chattanooga area disc golf scene was emerging with hundreds of new disc golfers and Dave had helped three local youth attain world championship titles.

Carver recreation center was the beneficiary of one of the nine hole courses as well as Shepherd recreation center. It was in Dave's  heart to reach out to these two centers and teach the center youth to play this great sport during their summer camps. These programs are ongoing today. Dave led this outreach independent of the Chattanooga Flying Disc Club and chartered the foundation 'Recognize A Miracle Disc Golf Outreach' (RAMDGO) in December of 2008


Taos, New Mexico - In June of 2010,  Dave moved RAMDGO headquarters to his previous home in Taos in the great state of New Mexico. In 2010 RAMDGO began outreach into the public and charter schools in Taos proposing a disc golf school league and a math outside the classroom curriculum for challenged and unchallenged youth. After researching and proposing plans to the Taos Chamber, Dave set out to build Taos Roc Pit Disc Golf Course which opened for play on 3-7-2011. Dave was host to Taos' first flying disc sports summer camp in the summer of 2011. Taos Roc Pit became the launch pad for the Non Stop Disc Golf Tour of 2012 and RAMDGO became a major sponsor of the top players in the world, Dave Feldberg, Will Schusterick, Nikko Locastro and Cale Levieska. 

RAMDGO is a Green Chamber investor level member and is currently helping to build relationships among businesses, politicians, school systems, colleges and disc golf clubs with the goal of facilitating the emergence of disc golf into the mainstream. None of this work would have been possible without the participation of all the folks who helped out along the way. 

Next Project - You are invited to participate now. Your energy can help us continue to achieve our goals, helping our youth to recognize their Miracles through play and through community service and helping schools and communities recognize the benefits that disc golf offers. You can contact Dave and be a part of the team or you can support our cause with your purchases from the Birdman Discs online store and with your donations here at All donations of $5 or more will receive the gift of one of Dave's prosperity mirrors which help you recognize that the Miracle is You. Blessings all!

Dave's Tips #1

Stop running up to your drive. Instead, step up to it with a simple three step approach which positions you for maximum reach back from where you can pull your shot to the target with a combination of hip rotation and shoulder turn added to your arm speed to achieve maximum power and distance.


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