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Your tax deductible donations go toward the creation of disc golf programs worldwide. One town, one city, one state, one country at a time. Our program works. Disc Golf is a proven community builder. Schools and students are the beneficiaries of our programs. Disc golf programs and leagues, once implemented, are among the most affordable and satisfying sports options available to students today.  Donated funds go toward the purchase of disc golf equipment, scholarships and material expenses related to implementing our programs.

Since 2004, RAMDGO has been supported primarily by Dave Smith through the charitable donations of his business Able Home Projects. When RAMDGO was chartered in 2009, a donation of $500 from Moe's Southwest Grill in Chattanooga, TN helped launch our outreach to two Chattanooga inner city recreation centers. 

RAMDGO hosted the B tier, PDGA sanctioned Joel Viggers Memorial charity disc golf event in 2010 and raised nearly $10,000 for the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP), helping first time offenders avoid the court system through arbitration helping offenders make amends directly to their victims. We are proud to be a contributor to this organization which has a very high non recidivism rate and a track record of strengthening community while curtailing the negative effects of incarcerating our youth.

Dave continues to donate his time, energy and resources building new disc golf courses, giving free clinics, golfing discs and equipment to youth and families who may not afford them. In Taos, New Mexico Dave gifted 100+ golfing discs to local youth. RAMDGO raised $3500 from local businesses and Dave donated over $30,000 of personal inheritance to build Taos Roc Pit Disc Golf Course while introducing his disc golf curriculum to local schools and charitable organizations. In 2012,  Dave gifted the Rwandan U-17 Soccer Team with golfing discs and clinics while they were in Taos preparing for the World Cup. RAMDGO sponsored the launch of the Non Stop Tour, a tournament format that includes school outreach and personal training from the world's top players while establishing more PDGA sanctioned events at new courses nationwide. RAMDGO is pushing disc golf into the mainstream. Currently RAMDGO is working toward implementing disc golf programs statewide in New Mexico.

Now RAMDGO is providing opportunities for you to be a part of the growth of disc golf through this outreach. With your minimum donation of $5 you will receive one of Dave's Recognize A Miracle prosperity pocket mirrors. While contributing to the growth of RAMDGO, your pocket mirror will help you receive the blessings of wisdom, health, joy and wealth and assist you in recognizing that the miracle in your life is YOU. With your $10 or more donation, you will receive a second prosperity mirror you can share with someone. Of course you may request additional prosperity mirrors if you wish and all levels of donation are welcome. At the $100 level, your brand will be recognized at our events and here on our website. You also support our growth through all your purchases made from Birdman Discs online store.

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