About Dave Smith

Who is Dave Smith?

Dave has enjoyed the game of frisbee since his early childhood when he spent hours on weekends throwing into the ocean winds on Miami Beach in the mid 1960's. In the 70's as a teenager growing up in central Louisiana, Dave often played target golf with Whamo Frisbees when he worked as a greens keeper at Bringhurst Park executive ball golf course in Alexandria. He was small but he could throw farther than all his friends. He had no idea what was brewing in the world class frisbee arena at that time. Ball golf was his passion as he played on his high school golf team and joined the local country club after graduation. Dave enjoyed single digit handicaps in his twenties and even made a couple attempts at going pro but that path just wasn't in the cards for him as life carried him far and wide over the following years.

Dave has consistently followed a spiritual path as a seeker of truth. He explored several of the religious faiths until his late twenties. At 18 years he spent some time with his estranged biological father, a timeshare salesman whose business motto was 'Expect A Miracle'. Dave, upon seeing this card for the first time said to his father, "You should recognize the miracle standing in front of you". That statement stuck as Dave began to recognize the miraculous nature of life. It was this recognition that helped him through his rough times. Self help books became his avenue of growth and sharing his library has remained one of his passions. 

Outreach to others has been Dave's method of operation. Wellness is his mission. Disc golf became his venue in 2004. After traveling the U.S. and Central America, Dave lived off grid for 5 years on the Cumberland Plateau prior to starting his construction repair business Able Home Projects in Chattanooga, TN in 2003. Looking for a new pastime, he connected with a group of Ultimate players who referred him to disc golf events at Cloudland Canyon in Trenton GA.  Dave ferociously pursued the game and became one of the top players in just a few years. His construction business provided labor, materials and funding that led to the creation of 7 disc golf courses in the Chattanooga area by 2010. Dave chartered the Recognize A Miracle foundation while implementing disc golf programs at the Carver and Shepherd recreation centers. Recognize A Miracle's disc golf outreach is going strong today as a direct result of Dave's life work. Dave now lives in Albuquerque NM and is a working member of the Youth and Education committee for the Professional Disc Golf Association. His goal is to affect the implementation of sustainable disc golf programs to schools worldwide while helping our youth to recognize their miracles through participation and community building.


Dave's Tips #6

Winners are usually the first ones to show up at an event and the last ones to leave. They have thrown multiple drives with most of their discs on every hole and by the two minute warning they know exactly which disc they will throw on every tee. Then they stick around after the awards ceremony and throw again on the holes that didn't work out well for them so that next year they have more information to go on.


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