is proud to be a part of the growth of disc golf as it emerges into the mainstream. We are actively supporting disc golf as part of the educational curriculum and seeking to implement middle school, high school and college disc golf leagues nationwide. For more information about involvement, sponsorships and donations, please visit our community outreach arm RAMDGO.

About Birdman Discs

Birdman Discs offers both services and products towards the promotion of disc golf. Our services include event planning and coordination, course design, school curriculums and individual or group training. Additionally we offer dozens of products for purchase such as discs, markers, t-shirts, tote bags, accessories and more. (more...)

What / Why Disc Golf?

Because it is fun! In the last 12 years since 2000 disc golf courses have more than doubled in number around the world. It is currently played in over 40 countries and expanding more every year. It is outdoors, encourages exercise, community building, and has a low impact on the environment, an Eco Green Sport! (more...)

Our Store

Birdman Discs is an online retail store that sells discs, shirts, mini markers and other accessories for stylizing your game. Visit our store pages to find the accessories you need to look, feel and play great! (more...)

Support RAMDGO

Recognize a Miracle is our community outreach effort to implement golf programs at school, parks and recreation centers throughout the state of New Mexico. The sport is free, active, fun and an excellent balance of fitness and community involvement. Your donation facilitates the implementation  (more...)

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